Almost half of all small / medium sized businesses use cloud computing, and by 2020 the number is estimated at 4 out of every 5*. Is your company losing the edge over the competition?

General Support & Troubleshooting

From basic troubleshooting in Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad to more advanced IT topics like networking, firewalls, managed and unmanaged switches – we provide a one stop shop for all tech needs.

Infrastructure / Security Analysis Audit

Ensuring a solid infrastructure is critical to maintaining business continuity.  Whether compliance needs fall under HIPAA, PCI DSS, FERPA, SOX, or any other industry, our specialists will ensure you are fully compliant in every regard.  We also recommend regular security audits to ensure full compliance and all devices are regularly patched.
Should the business needs warrant, we also strongly recommend cloud based services such as AWS EC2 instances (achieved 99.9974% reliability in 2014, and even better in 2015), as well as Azure and Rackspace servers for your public, private or hybrid cloud solution.
Technology should be the platform you stand on to grow your business.  Engineation makes the effort turn effortless.  Contact us today for a consultation.