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MongoDB – Python – MapReduce – Django Experts

When customers demand speed and responsiveness, your database shouldn’t hold you back.  Whether building from scratch, or migrating your RDBMS to a NoSQL environment, your business needs the processing power and flexibility to react intelligently in real time.

Volumes of unstructured data from social, mobile, location based, and other cloud-based streams can tax your relational database, demanding big hardware investments. In turn, coordinating transactions across multiple servers gets cumbersome, making it difficult to centralize and extract critical information.

Add DB Velocity & Processing Power

Unlike a traditional database, which accesses loads of interrelated tables, an entire object in a NoSQL database can be stored in a single JSON document, making it easier to support complex data structures. This dynamic schema and object-oriented framework enables shorter development cycles, fewer lines of code, and on-the-fly releases. Having this level of speed, flexibility, and performance can put you lightyears ahead of the rest.

Reduce Hardware Costs & Development Cycles

At Engineation, our highly skilled MongoDB and Python developers equip you to scale out horizontally across clusters, making growth both efficient and affordable. We provide a transparent roadmap of each iteration and milestone, so you know exactly what to expect, and when to expect it.

To learn more, please contact our expert team members at (212) 699-0790 or email us. 

  • Object oriented programming & custom development
  • Data cleansing, appending & visualization
  • SQL, NoSQL, and older database conversions
  • NoSQL & cloud database design
  • Dashboards & faster data processing
  • MongoDB, Python & Django
  • Infrastructure architecture & support for on-site, cloud & private cloud based data clusters
  • Real time analytics & BI/Business Intelligence tools
  • Adding data sources, streams & uploads to workflows
  • Queries & reporting