When businesses thrive at maximum octane, they focus on customers, not technology.

At Engineation, we create rock-solid software solutions that empower you to better serve your clients. Our highly skilled software architects engineer modular, scalable infrastructures that fluidly integrate across other IT ecosystems. We work in a cohesive environment and incorporate feedback at every interval. Our successful track record spans a broad swath of development projects across multiple industries.


Workflow & Sequence Automation

Building a scalable workflow engine from scratch enables us to transform complexity into a simple click. We also make 3rd party integrations predictable and painless.

Data Management

Configuring infrastructures to manage petabytes of data makes us proficient with different frameworks. Our engineers can architect relational, NoSQL, and hybrid solutions that reliably process every bit.

Mobile Applications & M-Commerce

Creating iOS, Android, and Windows solutions helps our clients capitalize on mobile usage. We have the experience to design engaging apps with rich functionality and bullet-proof stability.

Database Architecture

Our experience with relational, NoSQL, and hybrid databases ranges from small migrations to big data configurations. From older SQL Server v. 6.5, to modern NoSQL environments, our expertise runs deep.

Database Patches, Upgrades & Migrations

Our philosophy is to keep the bottom line affordable. Changing an existing database may not be an option, which is why we use every means necessary to work within the current framework. From table optimizations and stored procedures, to document based schemas, we leave no stone unturned.

Programming Languages


Our core competency with Microsoft solutions includes c#, .NET, VB, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, WPF, WCF, MVC, as well as our experience with SQL Server database design and architecture.


Starting in iOS, and later expanding into Android development, we’ve now added Windows Mobile 8 to our list of mobile operating systems.

General Programming

To stay ahead of the curve, we learn new languages as they arrive on the market. Our expertise ranges from object oriented programming, including c# and JAVA, to new languages like f# and Go!. Other proficiencies include PHP, EJB, Cold Fusion, mobile operating systems, and even older programs like FoxPro and Clarion.


Localized scripting and macros can resolve big headaches quickly. From proprietary software solutions to VBA code, our coding aptitude solves big problems one script at a time.


Solutions Provider for the Entertainment & Advertising Industries


Architect stable & scalable Media Asset Management System from prototype


  • Centralize cloud based asset repository with multiple tiers and redundant backup strategy

  • Build function modules including video format conversions, streaming, closed captions, media transfer, and metadata hierarchies
  • Develop comprehensive  administrative access & reseller console
  • Client Interface
  • Hosted, Install & Hybrid Software Models
  • Filters & Advanced Reporting


  • Successful Roll-out of Self-Sustaining Media Management System