It’s that time of year again. 2013 flew right by us, and it seems to be disappearing faster than Xbox Ones.

Chances are, you still have some shopping to do. While a new MacBook Air is a swell gift for anyone, let’s get real here. Unless your kids equate PS4 and Xbox One with how much you love them, spending a fortune after standing on line for hours is not your only option.

After all, isn’t it the thought that counts? As corny as it sounds, Engineation agrees; technology is only awesome when tailored to the right person.

This doesn’t mean you should purchase the “HAPI” smart fork for a weight-conscious loved one. You can still buy something relevant that’s fun (and avoid getting slapped).  Here are some ideas to help.

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew – For the Host

Keep it flowing!

After a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, this super-easy wine bottle opener is a godsend! It protects a nice manicure while keeping cork out of everyone’s vino. This electric corkscrew even has an illuminated LCD screen that shows how many cork pulls are left before it needs recharging. It comes in different colors, including our favorite, Engineation Red! It’s available at Metrokane for $50.


Simple Touch GlowLight – For the Bookworm  

Curl up with a good Nook!

Barnes & Noble’s new e-reader got quite the makeover! This ultra thin tablet is only 6.2 ounces, and its anti-glare screen has 60% more pixels than before.  From bedtime to the beach, its improved backlit illumination is easy on the eyes. It also boasts an increased battery life, which could possibly outlast Botox. Available at Barnes & Noble, it’s reasonably priced at $119.   


The Roadie – For the Rock Star

Crank it up!

This automatic tuner for string instruments uses an iPhone to analyze sound, while a motorized accessory adjusts the string. For “guitar heroes” this is a big time saver. However, if your kid is learning violin, the Roadie only goes so far. Consider including a soundproof booth to make it a win-win situation. It’s available on Kickstarter for $79, but beware, it hasn’t shipped yet. This may be a better birthday gift in 2014.

Fitbit Force – For the Gym Rat

 Feel the Burn!

This wearable technology tracks every active (and inactive) minute throughout the day.  Metrics include calories burned, steps climbed, stairs taken, and even your quality of sleep! It wirelessly syncs with Mac/PC computers and Andoid /iOS devices, making it easy to brag on social networks. The best part is, unlike most smart watches, it doesn’t look hideous. Priced at $129, it’s available at Fitbit and major retailers.

For the Driver – The Barnacle

Road Trip!

Driving with an iPhone in your lap, while following Google Maps, is the road to annoying. Luckily “The Barnacle” provides a much needed detour from this mess. It perfectly poises your device on the dashboard for easy peripheral vision.  It comes in many colors including “glow-in-the-dark”, making your car ride extra trippy. It’s available at iLoveHandles for only $5, which is probably less than shipping!

At the end of the day, we hope your December shopping sprees will be “Joy to the World” without “Les Miserables”. If you are brave enough to face the mall madness, may the parking Gods be with you!