Unleash the power of your technology.

Automating workflow processes can add the speed, efficiency, and quality control needed to outperform competition. When sequences and manual tasks are streamlined and automated, you can save manpower, time, money, and resources.

At Engineation, we analyze and integrate technology systems to help you work “smarter”, not “harder”.  We further leverage the benefits of your I.T. investments to maximize output and minimize error.

Our success stories encompass a broad scope of environments and a plethora of business processes:

  • Compliant Loan Approval Processes
  • Automated Payments and Financial Transactions
  • Streamlined Accounting with Dodd Frank Compliance
  • Digital Asset Management and Archival with Auto-generated Indexing
  • Live Content Creation and Post Production Workflows


Media Distribution Facility Serving the Broadcast & Advertising Industries


Automate the process of converting video formats within a Digital Media Asset Management System.


  • Build modular interface within web based asset management system


  • Filter & prioritize video format conversions by file size , encoding time, & urgency

  • Route to video conversion hardware systems


  • Trigger automated quality control sequence to report, filter, & auto-correct outputs


  • Digitally transfer QC’ed files to destinations



  • On demand video conversions with room for error minimized 


  • Man hours reduced by 90% (based on Final Cut Pro & Compressor v.7)